Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fearless Commitment

There's no fear in commitment... You just do it and follow through with work, love and career! In fact when you commit to anything you are unstoppable... Love yourself more!

Here's one about committing to a task without fear! 

Kisses, m.

Just do it

What are you waiting for? You will never know unless you try. Well you won’t. I’m not trying to sit here and disagree with you. No as a matter of fact I’m not. I agree that it does look like her but I’m not sure. You should ask her. Well, how will you know if you don’t ask? Yes you can. She is just sitting with a friend. You should do it. Get her autograph. Go say hello. Look, you can’t sit here all day thinking about doing something and not do anything. It wouldn’t be right. If you wait too long this will pass you by. There’s no chance you won’t feel bad later. You will. Alright fine then don’t tell me about it anymore. I’m ordering what do you want? Forget about it. I’m hungry. So what do want to do later? You feel like catching a movie? Hey! Attention span. Quick they’re leaving. Haha. No way. Wow. Nice fall. I was just kidding. They’re still in the booth and they’re looking over here now. Yeah, they’re laughing at you. Come on… At least she’s looking. Here’s your chance, go over and say something. I don’t know. What? Say Hello. That is a good place to start. What if? What if you don’t do it and I have to hear about it all day? She probably hears this sort of thing all the time. It’s not a creepy thing to do. People ask for her photo all the time. Hey! It is her. There’s someone already asking for a picture with her. Are you really freaking out? It’s some girl. And she’s still smiling and looking over here. I bet she thinks you’re funny. Here’s the moment. No one is around. Don’t think about it. Just do it.

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