Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bubble Gum

Do you like Bubble Gum? It's Damn Tasty isn't it!? Also hides a smoker's breath...

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Kisses, m.

Bubble Gum

Bubble gum.
Damn tasty.
Gently grazes his mouth against my cheek.
The taste of his tongue
Reminds me of a memory.
The sugary sweet mixed with the smoke from his cigarette wrapped in a kiss.

Bubble gum. 
The little girls with their bad wigs and grown up dresses blow a bubble.
As they quickly hide they their cigarettes with a pop of pink.
Blow a gentle bubble.
Leave a hint on the lips.
Wash and clean the taste of smoke
From their false immoral smile.

Bubble gum.
He opens my mouth and places a piece on my tongue.
Watching me distracted by the sadness of youth gone too quick
He kisses my forehead and holds me close.
The taste of the bubble gum isn't the same sweet as his kiss. 
With a quick look he knows what I want.

Bubble gum.
Little girls still are chewing but they're smacking their lips and smoking. 
Instead of blowing a bubble 
They're choking on smoke.
Aging quickly. 
Innocence gone too soon.

Bubble gum. 
His tongue in my mouth.
Hints of tobacco and substitute sugar 
Taste like heaven on my tongue.
Dancing in the cool air my hair presses against his cheek.
Once again I'm filled with his taste.

Bubble gum. 
Between the girls pretending to be grown.
Spurting it out and trading it for smokes.
Little girls, they should not linger in the dead grass.
They are filled with purity
And a joyful spirit. 
Return to innocence.
No more bad hair and cigarettes.
Plenty of time for the grown world.

Bubble gum. 
My bubble pushes against his lips.
Cherry sweet pink goodness.
Let him taste my mouth.
A damn sweetness that sends him reaching for more.
He's touching my neck, my face and dropping his cigarettes to the floor.

Bubble gum.

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