Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Do you believe in superstition? Barbie makes her own lore and believes in a bit of the earth's lore. Buddhism and balancing energy works for this doll and she encourages others to believe what they want. Why? My way is right for me. I don't know what works for you but I do know this: a naysayer criticizing your beliefs & telling you differently isn't right either. Make your own way.

Here's another from SMOKE! And to answer someone... no I'm not in character to write these. There's nothing personal about SMOKE. It's interesting what people will believe when they allow others to convince them. Ha. Believe and trust yourself... People who don't really know you and don't take care of your business, lovelife or health when you are down, you know what... Fuck em. Believing a stranger is giving them the tools to run your life. Trust & love yourself.

Kisses, m


Smoke is simply smoke. Transitory. There's no superstition in it. Love is within you and you can avoid it. Avoid it by dressing yourself up and wearing love like an invisible dress paired with bad wig or you can simply just be yourself. But you'll never be yourself. You're just a pale comparison of the real thing. A common whore no better than the black cat combing the streets in heat. At least the cat is still itself. You're nothing wearing nothing and hiding everything. Drag. Take another drag baby. Choke on your tears while you walk the streets afraid of the one thing you say you crave the most. Love.

So afraid of love and your need to follow a path. You run from every man who ever loved you. So cruel with your words. The most violent of lies injure your spirit. 

Superstitious. Heartless. Vile creature.
Take off your wig. Bare your soul not your body. Find your dignity. You can't keep doing that to yourself.

One day love will find you. And you will be ruined. Your deception and self hate will no longer be veils you can hide behind when someone you truly love destroys your heart. Stop. Before love ruins you. Love should be a savior. Be it. Follow it. Be superstitious of it. Create new a tradition.

Put away that bad wig and invisible dress. Begin to love. Learn to walk with love instead of carrying the shame of not even loving yourself.

Just another drag from another cigarette. Another man just as disposable as the cig. He matches the color of your fake dress and hair. 

Another day and you'll find another stray. Any one that crosses your path makes the cut. 
Maybe this one will be different.
Lucky smoke is simply smoke.


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