Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Not all kisses are intended to elicit emotional or magical responses... But all kisses do exchange energy that affects your aura and that is magic!

Here's another 400 from SMOKE!

Are you super excited to read it?

Kisses, m.


I'm so very emotionally interwoven.
Mentally craving the unknown.
Wanting the connection of his kiss.
Magical, the energy of him dances in front of me.
Teasing me with a look. 
A smile.

Close enough to taste the smoke but he stops.
Running his fingers between my fingers.
Innocently whispering in my ear.

I can't stop looking in those eyes.
I'm in heaven when he stares.
Comforted by them and longing for more.
It's too far when he's standing front of me.
But he's enjoying the wait.

Testing my patience that hangs by a breath.
A breathe that takes in his emotions.
Closer until that magical kiss misses
And doesn't connect.

He relishes in this game. 
Knowing that I do too.
We like to watch the other 
As we're circling inward.

More intimate than ever we are face to face.
I'm touching him while the swallowing the smoke.
In his space, moving toward his face.
Climbing up his neck with my free fingers.
Trying to harness this connection.
Hold it steady.
Keep it safe. 

My hands harness him completely. 
But I want more.
Letting him move in.
On the brink of ecstatic 
When he slides his arm around my back.
Pulling me closer.
Giving me another taste of his breathe.

Smoke that leads the way of intention.
A promise of a kiss. 
Magical energy ready to be shared.
Vibrating beneath the skin my blood pumps fiercely, 
Fastly with passion.

The passion in electricity shocks.
And those shocking eyes send volts up my spine.
I signal for no words.
I could read his mind through his actions.

Breathe, touch and taste
Are showing me more than words.
Words are meaningless. 
Useless vowels can't compete with his hand caressing my face.
Lips tracing the skin on my neck 
As the smoke climbs up and up around us.

But there's only intention.
Anticipation of more.
Tension mounting in my grip.
But I don't concede.
I lean in to pull him closer.

Up close and personal but oh so far. 
I don't know my own patience
When I slide my fingers out of his and around his back.
I pull him nearer to me. 
Taste the smoke and kiss his cheek.

My tease causes a turn. 
He pulls me back
Kissing me hard.
I feel the magic as his heart beats against mine fast.

Without a thought he's become...

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