Thursday, July 24, 2014

Antonino Cardillo's House of Dust

Barbie loves things fairly neat although she does enjoy the dirty side of things. But never does she partake in the trashy despite the great reviews of others. Even when enticed by her favorite Kens who love playing in the unsavory she refrains. However, she does enjoy that one of her favorite architects has created a structure that celebrates dust and it's Glamourous and Fancy!

Antonino Cardillo's House of Dust

In his House of Dust, Cardillo honors and celebrates dust through classical arrangements and divisions. A golden expanse separates the living room area while a light grey ceiling supports resembles the color of earth. Reminiscent of prehistoric caverns, combined with a Renaissance luxury, the balance of this home is unparalleled. Marked by reductions and openings the space of the house is filled with the energy of earth to create a grounding fusion for living.

Would you love to live in this house by Antonino Cardillo?

Barbie thinks you might!
Kisses, m.

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