Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Trending! Trend Report on the Next Big Thing: Outdoor Furniture goes Indoors for Summer

Barbie loves the Summertime and even if her favorite Ken has found himself otherwise occupied lately she can always find another favorite Ken to help her keep busy... you know sometimes these Ken's do love to get busy. Don't you Ken? Just be mindful of the 'business' you owe Barbie while you're getting busy... Ok? That way we can be cool. Kisses! Summertime is going to keep this Barbie plenty occupied especially with all the trendy decorating to be done and since she knows her favorite Ken is too busy getting busy to get outside he'll love the trend of the season because it brings the outside indoors!

Trending: Outdoor Furniture goes Indoors for Summer

Would you bring the outdoors indoors for decorating?

Barbie thinks you might like it!
Kisses, m.

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