Friday, July 25, 2014

The Khadakvasla House in Paradise

There's nothing wrong with spending your entire Summer Indulging in Paradise but remember that your idea of Paradise may not match another's. Barbie doesn't need to search the world or go to the beach to find Paradise she knows it's the time spent with her favorite Ken. Even if Ken hasn't figured out where Paradise is yet... Maybe he'll find a nice dream house while looking? 

The Khadakvasla House in Paradise

The Khadakvaska House is a tropical paradise, a home that blurs the lines between shelter and nature, blue skies above and water below.  Located in western India, the Khadakvasla House takes advantage of the lush tropical environment with a design that is open to its beauty.  Arranged in a “u” shape format, the home is focused upon a central veranda with a still pool that snakes along its walkways.  Sunsets fade in the distance beyond the veranda, where the home’s inhabitants and guests are treated to nightly entertainment by mother nature herself.

~The Coolist

Would you indulge in this slice of Paradise?

Barbie thinks so!
Kisses, m.

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