Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Real Time Stalking: Inauthentic is back for more...

How are you today Inauthentic in Vicksburg? Still stuck at your computer? Go outside. Love yourself more. 

Yesterday's stalk...

Hello Mr. Vicksburg in Jackson, MS,

You call yourself alive?!? So you are "living inauthentic life..." Harassing people on a computer is hardly what I would call living. Well I can't help you with your little problem, except you should learn better grammar. Bygones!

Well let me help a little. Now I see you have no life because this behavior continues... Turn off the computer/your phone and go outside for a bit. You'll thank me later. Especially when you meet a man or woman who authentically loves you. 

Want the definition of inauthentic.... it's you. Don't bother looking in the dictionary. Fame doesn't make a person anymore authentic. The same way as buying things, running around town, name dropping, etc. Nope none of those things. Actually not being famous makes a person more authentic. You can pretend you're from anywhere else but you are really in SoCal. So this is fun, isn't it?

Do you want me to show people who you are? Or are you ready to fall out of love with me or by all means confess your devotion? I like presents. They don't show affections but it doesn't matter since I don't and can't love you back. I still love material objects. Jewelry is best because I can sell it when you leave me. Well I don't love you and I can't tell you fake-ly the lie people tell you because they want you to make them look important. I like to get to know people I fall in love with and I personally have no desire to know you after this behavior. I only date authentic men. You have proven repeatedly you are not. I question your manhood after this. Which I wish I didn't have to but...

Sorry. No I'm not. 

You're inauthentic. Why? Because you spend so much time trying to affect me with this traffic. It's even more inauthentic since... needless to say I don't see it. Really. It's wasted time. You could be doing so much more with your time. Especially since school in back in session. Don't believe me but it's true, I don't see your traffic. I actually have to look for you. 

Which is sooo BORING! But it doesn't bother me. Kisses! 

Well you must like the little favor I've been returning... expect it to continue as long as you bother me I will return in kind. You are really bad at this... it's the truth magician. It's a really sloppy trick you got. I mean why pretend to be anyone else when being yourself takes so much less energy. Besides, I can still see you either way. Want me to show you? Google Analytics isn't hip but other resources are. Please tell your mommy, your family and your tacky bored friends not to bother fighting your battles... it makes you look pathetic. You don't want to be that... do you? Just inauthentic. See ya later  Vicksburg from Jackson, MS on your Android!

Kisses, m. 

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