Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Vincent Kartheiser's The Tiny Hollywood Home: A 580 Sq ft Cabin Loft

Barbie loves tiny spaces and she knows that there are a lot of environmentally conscious people that love tiny spaces too... One of her favorite actors Vincenet Kartheiser enjoys a great small space too! Barbie wonders if Vincent and his fiancĂ©e would appreciate The 10x10 Microhomes as much as she does. Nevertheless have a look around Vincent's tiny studio...

The Tiny Hollywood Home - A 580 Sq ft Cabin Loft

The space that Vincent Kartheiser calls home is astoundingly only a mere 580 sq ft and nestled within the Hollywood Hills. It's hard to believe such a gem of luxury could be among a celebs choice for home, but why not? Everyone deserves to get what they want and live the way they want.

Vincent partnered with designer Funn Roberts in 2010 to create a unique space that essentially carves a solid living area into a variety of rooms. The Japanese-industrial style home is based upon the design principles of form, function, utility and simplicity. You can find yourself showering in the living room and essentially sitting for coffee where your bed will be later. The home is fitted with a Murphy Bed that drops down and offsets a desk. The space has more room for living during the day and a velvet red curtain separates the bedroom for privacy and night. Japanese inspired metal screens and light boxes are additional touches for illumination.

The space is sustainable, utility and absolutely chic. Barbie can only hope that her Ken would choose such a beautiful bachelor pad as Vincent has.

Would you live in a 580 Sq ft Cabin Loft?

Barbie would!
Kisses, m.


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