Saturday, March 5, 2011



Can I ask you something? Why yes I’m after you. And I’m terribly nervous. Can you tell? A little. It’s just the whole Amateur night thing. Oh, my question. Tell me, do you come here often to you know? You know to these Amateur nights. No. Me either.  I’ve never been. And I’m terribly worried that I’m dressed inappropriately. Thanks, it is French lace. But I’m certain that I’m overdressed. Your camisole looks much less conspicuous and... So what do you think? Why are you here? You wanted to dance. And what else?  You don’t understand. Let me see, what do I mean? Because I was thinking that if you wanted to dance this isn’t exactly the type of profession that encourages dance. Stripping has very little to do with the dance. Yeah, I suppose it is a shame. Oh why yes, I’ll take a cigarette. Of course, you understand I’m not a smoker. Not anymore. Quit. Three years last October. My ex used to tell me it was a nasty habit. Well’s not so bad when you meet a fellow smoker. A cigarette will make this easier. Yes. All of this... this club, this place and the people.  You see I don’t’ usually do things like this. What do you mean, like what? Like this. Going to a club, meeting strangers and dancing for money. I know what you’re thinking. Why go to all this trouble if you don’t like this sort of thing? I don’t know. It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s simply unknown. Whenever  I come across an unknown that makes me wonder I have to think or say “why not?” Because a life without a little exploration once in a while is not a life I want to lead. You’re on. Good luck. Thanks again.

300. Amateur. I once met someone [musician] at an audition who wasn’t at all thrilled about being ranked as an amateur. It wasn’t meant to slander, as we all have to start from somewhere. We all have our small beginnings. And being unpaid for your craft is surely a stepping stone. Enjoy. kisses. m.

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