Saturday, March 5, 2011

In the dark.

In the dark.

Do you remember how we met?
You mean how we didn’t meet.
No, we didn’t meet. But it was the first time we saw each other.
It was in the dark and we didn’t meet.

In the dark and we were dancing.
We were dancing separately but together.
But that’s not how it started.
No, not at all. You’re right.
I always am.
Sure. If that’s what you want.

I want to know if you remember how it happened.
I remember how you tried to stare but couldn’t see my face.
I remember the cut of your hair and black jacket when you stared at me from the shadows.
How was it?
It was exceptionally dashing on a man of your stature.
The hair or the stare?
Both. Although, I can’t say much about your dancing.
My dancing was fine.
If that’s what you like to believe.

It is. Now tell me, why didn’t you come over and say hello?
You had company.
That’s a lie. I was alone.
I know. But you could have come over and said hello.
I could have.

And then we could have danced.
We could have, but…
I wouldn’t have been able to see you dancing with me from so very far away.

And that was something to see, wasn’t it?
It was; especially when your eyes were watching mine from across the room in the dark.
How do you know I was watching you?
I know.
I could have been looking at another person.
But you weren’t.
Neither were you.

You were lovely that first night we never met.
I thought the same about you.
Yet somehow we managed not to meet each other.
Somehow we managed to have a dance.
Somehow we danced together when we never met in the dark.

300. In the dark. So many interesting things happen in the dark. Sometimes you think you’ve missed something and its come and gone without noticing. So busy making plans that the present moment gets missed. People are funny that way. They will look a hundred yards away without seeing anything. And sometimes it’s all they can see. Anyway, have a good night. enjoy. kisses. m.

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