Saturday, March 5, 2011

The D Chronicles Vol 1 - (Men): Deviate

A little off the course of what you might see, do or say normally happens to be good for the soul. With that said... here's a little deviation from the norm. It's a bit of an R-rated deviation. Deviants and conformists happen to be the most fascinating people. The funny thing about a deviant is how much of a conformist he really is. As you have those who choose to constantly deviate from the norm. And at some point you have to realize that this perpetual deviation becomes the standard. The deviant has now created a conformed normalcy. Anyhow, thinking of Matisse. Make up your own minds. enjoy. kisses. m.


There are probably more than thirteen ways you can stuck on an airplane but Lawrence Michelson only found himself in one. Lawrence wasn’t personally intimate with the twelve other ways when he happened to find himself in the predicament. None of which sounded particularly interesting. Not at all as interesting as his current situation.

Lawrence Michelson was a man without distinction. He never was one for wearing his hair too long, or cutting it back too short. His clothing never changed from a combo of slacks and polo’s. Much like his clothing and hair, Lawrence never deviated from the plan. Not until that day.

Lawrence was the type of ordinary man you might find yourself seated next to on an airplane and never feel the need to make conversation. Almost the same way you might never feel the need to look over and peek in his bag. Needless to say there wasn’t anything of particular interest about his bag. In fact you might find exactly the same thing in another man’s bag without having to open it up.

Lawrence seemingly blended into the crowd but not like most other men. In Lawrence’s case it happened to be with great intent. With great care he became an ordinary man. Because ordinary went unnoticed which happened to be ideal in his line of work. When he walked down the street he was as ordinary and as plain as they come. Although coming was never an issue for Lawrence, but that’s putting the cart before the horse.

In this particular case of Lawrence Michelson you have to wonder how much he enjoyed finding himself in the unusual position. It wasn’t that he stayed under the radar without reason. He had a fine reason. People don’t like their coffee and tea with a side of perversion. And perversity is exactly what Lawrence specialized in.

People want to be loved for all their kinks. Everyone’s got their something. Those tiny little things that separate them from each other is what they want someone to see and love. Lawrence couldn’t help them with that need for love, but he sure could help them with their kinks. Pay by hour, by day, by week and sometimes by month he was a “pay-for-job” kind of fellow. Understandably the kink came with the territory and there wasn’t so many different perversities as there were their stories.

And people like their variety more than they love their kink. Some need to find more than one place to fancy a bit of adventure. More than once he had heard something of an airplane trick that was quite tricky. In fact twelve times he’d listened intently to different stories telling him the same thing. To his own word he swore never to entertain a job on a plane because of the particularities, but in this instance he deviated from the norm. As what is life without a bit of deviation on occasion?

The “stay seated” light in the cabin hadn’t come on when he met the job. She wasn’t what he’d expected when he saw her sitting there, seated next to her husband wearing red hat and scarf as instructed. She was a less than ordinary woman who was drawing a bit of attention to herself by talking loudly to the steward. He simply wouldn’t accommodate her whim of an early cocktail and she didn’t demand it lightly. He was certain he’d told her to stay inconspicuous. It wouldn’t do for any good if they were to be seen making a scene. When she disagreed for the last time, Lawrence made his presence known.

Less than thirty minutes after he’d been known, Lawrence Michelson was nearly knee deep in the back corner stall of the galley of restrooms giving his own show. Hand over foot and foot over hand that woman was no lady when Lawrence was handling business as usual. The last thing a man wants to do is wind up stuck, but that’s exactly what happened. Somewhere in the corner of the first class bathrooms a man that desperately tries to stay ordinary had a very unordinary occasion take place.

Somewhere between the second act and the finale, Mrs. Showstopper wants to speed things up with a rough tug and a squeeze of hand into Lawrence. After enjoying much from behind she spins and lifts to face him. The roughness triggers a movement that sends the slip of her heel against the wall and lands her leg into the tiny toilet. With a giggle she tells Lawrence, “Hurry up. I’m stuck.” To which he responds, “Hold on. I can move you.”

A move, a shift, and a lift of his hip the tip of her right foot found itself pressed into the nook of the door handle. The position seemed to be quite pleasing for the most part and goes quite unnoticed. But not too long. With a cramp in his leg and another push of his thighs, she lands both hands against the opposing walls to brace herself. In each wall lies a tiny brace to hold a jacket or bag. Between these tiny holes she wedges her fingers in, while Lawrence rocks a little faster in this irregular rhythm. The woman looks as though she spread wide open across the tiny bathroom when the sound of the bell reminds them of the impending descent.

With a satisfied grin Lawrence Michelson found himself coming to the end of his job only to realize that the interesting part had just begun.

“Alright darling,” she says. “It’s time to push off.”
Without trying very hard, Lawrence attempts to do as she asks and finds that he “can’t.”
“That’s  ridiculous. Slide back.”
“I’m trying.” And he was. From behind his ass lay pressed tightly between the sink at the door. His body remained wedged amid her two legs.  “Why don’t you move your legs?”
“Don’t you think I already thought of that? What should we do now?”
“Press your hands in the walls and try to lift up. That should free me.”
“1, 2, GO!”
“Nothing. We’re stuck.”
“Well we can’t stay like this. My husband will notice if I’m gone any longer.”

And more right than wrong she was. For not much longer than a minute of her statement came a knock at the door with a voice asking for Ruth. With a great effort Lawrence holds his breath to listen. After the tiny voice of a stewardess questions Mrs. Showstopper through the locked door, she resumes her duty in the aisles before calling the captain. The explanation couldn’t be any worse than a lie, but it was the only way.

When the captain’s voice sounds over the speaker system to announce “a deviation in the flight plan due to unforeseen circumstances,” deep down in his head Lawrence knew there was only one way this would end.

And the only way would come. At some point when they land it would happen. It would happen when two men unhinge the door and pull. When the plane is completely clear and quiet, the sound of their two bodies yanking apart will sound like the suction of an oversized cup finding release. And when the people are finding their luggage at claim they won’t see the scene, but it will not stop them from talking about it. This is the way that Lawrence Michelson saw as he remained firm in his current predicament.

At this particular juncture it is impressive how a man like Lawrence Michelson found himself stuck in a distinctly identifiable situation at 35,000 feet.

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