Thursday, May 6, 2010



Questions! I love questions! Asking them more than answering them. They are more revealing than anything I could tell you about myself.

Do you mind if I smoke? Of course not. You would agree to anything I ask.

Watch this.

Get me a vintage Chanel suit circa Jackie O and then have someone burn it. O-aha-ha!

See them run. Everyone does what I ask.

That’s the funny thing isn’t it? A few months ago, I’m nobody. Couldn’t get a light for my cigarette, a table at the Green, or for that matter anyone to call friend. No one of consequence. Today, sitting before you, is the lovely Lana Shaye Michaels. Famous. Infamous. And you want to know all about me because everyone else wants to know.

What’s there to say? Alright… where am I from? Baton Rouge. You too?! What a small world. Goody! That’s funny. Well, that’s where my daddy is from.

This is going fabulously. Don’t you think?

Certainly, my childhood significantly affected my decision to become an actress. Then, didn’t your little ol upbringing in the south affect your decision to become a writer?

No. I’m not mocking you. Aha-ha.

Hold on. Don’t be cross. This was going nicely. I can behave better. Maybe we can try something else?

Wait. I’ve got a better idea… Let’s ask you some questions instead. You can’t do that. Well why not? They’ll get their story either way.

So, I’ll start asking questions and you just answer them. Alright then, it’s settled. Where to start? Hmm.

Here, take the cigarette. Give me the pen and paper. Oh even better let’s see your glasses.

Now this… means I’m in character.

What do you think? Why naturally I’m beautiful! Honey, keep it coming. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Now…Tell me all about you.

300. Questions. Sometimes it isn’t the answers that tell you about a person. It’s the questions that bring to mind more about a person’s character. That exchange of words reveals more about the persona behind the thought-provoking inquiry. This is why I love to read interviews. Particularly older ones. (Capote by Warhol for Rolling Stone; Capote and Marilyn Monroe… not a real interview but it reads the same; John Lennon; etc) Although recently, I’ve had the opportunity to read a few contemporary pieces that proved to be quite interesting.

This bit was inspired by an interview with a lovely actress. During the course of their discussion she managed to turn the tables on the interviewer and he absolutely went along for the ride. I just loved the candor of the discussion. I’d love to be able to sit down with a subject and have this level of spontaneous honesty. This is related to my pet project in a way. Eventually I’ll share all about it. Anyhow, this isn’t what was coming next. But the day was far too beautiful to let pass without spending a few hours in the sun. Another gorgeous night too. Overall, it’s been a great week for distractions. Current #1 distraction though is reading Tell-All by Palahniuk. And it shows. Have a good night. m.

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