Thursday, May 6, 2010

Test the Water.

Test the Water.

Honey. Go on now. It’s your turn. Well, what are you going to do? You can’t stand on the edge of the pool all day. There you go… a little closer. Test the water. A toe? Come on. The whole foot. Silly Girl. Of course it’s cold. You will adjust to the water once you’re swimming. Yes. I do know what I’m talking about. Stop shaking your head. It’s ok to be afraid. Just don’t let it stop you. When I was a little girl I didn’t know how to swim either. Your grandpa had to show me out at the McGovern’s lake. And we certainly didn’t have these little floaters you have. Keep going. The sooner you get in, it will feel better. That’s a girl! Like that. Both feet in. So brave. I was actually a bit older than you when I started to swim. Much more afraid than you too. Grandpa had to drag me out to the water and drop me in. It was far worse than being dragged to the bath tub. What a commotion it caused. Goodness gracious! I thought I was drowning in shallow water. A-a-ah. Leave those feet in there. Or I’ll put them back for you. See, there I was, putting up a fight. Just like you right now. Of course, nothing like your pouty little lip trying to be angry with me. Soon enough, I found out my kicking and screaming was about nothing. Took to it like a fish in water. Almost so much that I wouldn’t get out. Not even for dusk. Nearly took your two uncles and grandpa to wrestle me out of the lake that evening. I spent most of that summer swimming in the lake. Go on now, get it over with. Just dive in.

300. Test the water? Or Jump right in? What kind of person are you? I’m a little bit of both. Which is perfectly alright. Someone shared a perfectly frightening dream with me this morning… involving of all things, a car crash. And, I felt inclined to tempt the fates today. Nothing bad happened. Can’t let anything stop you from living or having a great day. Truth be told, it was a beautiful day and gorgeous night. Anyhow, this is from another set of 300s. Enjoy? m.

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