Saturday, May 8, 2010

Red Light.

Red Light

In the stillness of dark there is one less worry in the watchers of the night. Shadows are welcomed distractions. Such deceptions of the eye can provide enough coverage to hide an entire vehicle from the view of the street. It’s no wonder that I’m able to find my way through the night in between parked cars as the night masks my path.

Shadows are a godsend on a night likes this. My stealth movements are further disguised from the typical person. Recklessly I duck between several cars, until I find my mark. Black sedan. Out of state plates. Red hair like a fiery inferno catches my eye. Long, cool Red, as she’s making her way out of the grocer’s and about to get into the car. Door swings. Stop. She’s forgotten something. Car is open. Foolish women never learn do they? This dark night masks my indiscretion.

The streetlights cast an intermittent glow across the back seat as the car speeds down the main highway. I can see her red hair as it falls across the back of the seat. She’s listening to the radio and Wolfman Jack has just introduced the next song. From my corner, perched behind the passenger side I can make out the silhouette of her face as she mouths the words to the song. Dark eyes. Bright red lips. Quietly the car shimmies along the empty streets as the sounds of the radio cuts in and out of static. Finally the car slows and I’ve reached a moment of opportunity. Ascending, I steady the knife in my hand then reach over… BRIGHTNESS!

Drop. What? A car from behind is trying to pass her. The opposing horn resounds a multitude of times as the car races by. There’s a bunch of screaming teenagers’ whoo-ing and ha-ing as the car speeds off into the darkness ahead. Red keeps on her side of the road and pays no notice to the other car. Soon the commotion of the moment has settled and the radio is back to the show. Slowly and methodically I lay in wait along the floor boards of the car. From beneath the seat I can see Red’s ankles, white heels and crooked black stockings with the line out of sorts. I can practically reach through to grab one. Wait. Not like this.

Several songs later I’m certain there’s no chance of being seen. The sounds of traffic have once again diminished and the streetlights have become increasingly sparse. Lean up against the rear of the seat. Still. Delicately shift to take a glance out of the window. Dark night. All around blackness. Red slows the car, as she comes toward a stop sign. Reach for my knife and gently stretch across the backseat. My prey is in sight, and I can smell the scent of her hair. Barely make contact with her white skin… BRIGHTNESS! Two small blares of white light hit the windshield of the car.

Drop. How? Duck behind the driver’s seat and wait for this intruder to pass. Another truck had reached the stop and politely signaled Red to proceed. Of all the luck! This is no amateur hobby of mine. I can not rationalize the misfortunate timing tonight. Soon enough I will have just the right moment. In that moment I will savor the sweet taste of death as I slit this one’s throat and gut her on the side of the road before removing the head.

The radio has finally cuts out. From my view directly behind, I can see Red reach over to switch it off. She then begins to hum. Outside the front window I can make out the outline of a diner. It becomes clear exactly where we are. Before long we will have made it to the state line and Red will be home. But there is one thing I’m counting on, as this particular stretch of road it quite predictable. The car continues forward and an increased rate, passing the diner and the lights of civilization once more. Ready my knife in one hand and shift the weight of my body as I prepare myself. My hand is right behind the small of her neck as I watch her drive from the rear. I can anticipate the feeling as I grab her neck and tear into flesh. I can not wait for the screams into the night that no one can hear. The car shimmies into the dead areas of the region. Aside from very small lights on the dashboard, Red and I are in the dark. Black safe cover from unwanted viewers.

A haze of red intensifies and surrounds the car as it reaches a long stop. Traffic signal. Red illumination coating our bodies in complete cover. No other cars. No interruptions. Predictable. Red light.

A wolf in sheep's clothing or just a plain ol wolf? I'll take the wolf straight up please. He's not going to sugar coat what he wants or hide behind a friendly face. Either way you're getting an disagreeable character. A wolf at least has the nerve to own up to his reputation and ask you to look the other way. Digressed. Naivete, rather an open willingness to trust, reminds us that the truth is harder to digest than the easily swallowed lie.  

Anyhow, this is a repost from October... has a little to do with deception and concealment. It was homage to a song (Siouxsie & the Banshees) and an old urban legend. And as far as the rest goes, I don't know much more than this... there are auto related pieces coming, a darker piece on paper, a music piece, and a several others in notes. Actually most of what I'm doing is on paper. These last few days... I took  a breather. All thanks to technical difficulties. It's been the first week in six months that I stopped to smell the roses and didn't feel bad for it. I'm happy and grateful to have the time and place to be able to do so. If you've never read this one, by all means ENJOY! m.

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