Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Moving Furniture.

Destroyed Room - Jeff Wall.

‘I can always tell when you’re in the middle of something, you start moving furniture,’ so says a close friend of mine. I usually disagree. According to him, somewhere deep in this head of mine, wherever I’ve compartmentalized it, there’s this something I’m internally rearranging. This thing typically manifests into the movement of furniture.  I’ve always adored his thinking on this, but I liken the movement to an oversized puzzle that needs solving. It rarely accomplishes a new scheme, but often cleans and provides some order to my current chaos. But his theory rationalizes the internal thought processes of my psyche. This is also where the idea of interior design came from many years ago. Since I derived so much pleasure through the movement, to him it would seem appropriate that I should translate that into a passion. Another questionable disagreement.

Furniture is being shifted this evening. Not destroyed. Where is your head at? Not working out a story, although there is a new character. Not thinking of myself. Came across an image from one of my sketch/scrapbooks, remembered a story (*Sleeping With Ghosts) and where I was mentally when it was written -living with a ghost of my past that still haunted me and I was content to let it. Got to thinking about the things that haunt us from our past. How everyone lives with these hauntings and ultimately how we exorcise the ghosts from the past. So I began cleaning, in more places than one. Not to save face, or even to repair the past mistakes. A while back I came to the understanding that the advice or suggestion of a new wall color is not the same as an offer to paint the wall or pay for it. Sometimes things are a stretch when the mind has regressed into a stubborn point of view. A person can always change their point of view. Merely have to be willing to see things from another perspective and you shall. If shifting thoughts and furniture is a way to find clarity, then so be it. Perhaps there is an unconscious thought pattern behind it? Or not at all?

On another note, I’m reminded one of the six rooms was homage to Jeff Wall’s Destroyed Room. I was quite dissatisfied with mine. As a result it never made it up. -M.

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