Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Move! Whoa! What are you doing? You can’t park that shit here. Yo! Pay attention. Get your car out of the way. Can’t you read? This is a loading zone. I don’t care if you are going to be three minutes or three seconds. Move it or lose it. See this big ol rig parked right here. It aint going no where till it’s done unloading. Shut it! Like I gots time for your bull buddy! Get a move on it! I’ve got five hundred pounds of fresh water… LOOK! I’m sure you’re in a big ass hurry too, but I’m doing my job. You know what? Go on then. Park there. See what happens when Lonny comes tearing around the corner with the pallet jack. Excuse me! Well then move it before the pallet jack gets caught in your front end.  Whoa pal! That’s some fancy talk for someone sitting in his car. Come out here and tell me that to my face! What then? I didn’t think so. Oh boy, we got a live one here. How bout that? A business man with a mouth of filth. You kiss your mother with that mouth buddy? Bet that kind of talk don’t go over well at the office. Hey! I ain’t called you any names. All I said was, ‘MOVE YOUR SHIT!’ We can beat around the bush all day or you can double park yourself around the corner. Fifty feet then you are in the clear and OUT OF THE LOADING ZONE! Pal, no one here, wants to bust your chops. Don’t take it personal, just move your car. Oh wait, there’s Lonny. Foul mouth, hurry up and move or your hot wheels will be smashed. See ya later. Yeah, call someone who cares. NOW MOVE IT!

300. Move. Ever park in the wrong spot? Who hasn’t ? That was the initial idea behind this one. There is also the tone of disrespect in there. The stories all aren’t cut and dry. Rarely will I give the full analysis. It’s important for people to make their own interpretation. There are more things to come, other than 300’s. Enjoy. M.

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