Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tug of War.


Tug of War.Photography Credits: Jesse Scroggins

Tug of War. Benjamin’s favorite game is Tug of War. Ben, being my puppy. That lovely floppy yorkie mix was given a name after all and welcomed into my heart. Bennie discovered some time back that his leash was retractable. My puppy the genius! Now his favorite activity is to grab a hold of the leash and run, until it reaches a limit. This is the part where you think “STRUGGLE” and you couldn’t be more wrong. This is actually the part where he lets go and runs back after it. Then repeats, about a hundred more times. Does the fact that it retracts stop him? No. In fact I think it’s because of that reason, he continues to keep going. He never sees the leash as a restraint. The whole thing is a game. There is no ‘how’ involved. This simple game reminds that not everything is a struggle. Even when things feel like that rope, being pulled like a tug of war. They are not. It’s all a little simpler than that. Pull too hard to wonder ‘how or why’ and you’ll work against things. And ultimately you’ll only find that you’re pulling and working against yourself. Are you pulling too hard? Loosen up, don't give up. It isn’t a battle and not meant to be a strife. It’s lovely to start the day and discover things like words or actions from different sources that reaffirm a knowledge you have just discovered the previous day. I think it means you’re on the right track. -m.

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