Friday, April 16, 2010

The Music 47

“I was brought up listening to [John Lee] Hooker, to Howlin’ Wolf, to Robert Johnson and a lot of Hendrix and Beefheart…. My mum makes me listen to Bob Dylan interviews. He was really clever the way he controlled things. When I try to do that, I fall flat on my face!” Polly Jean Harvey.

For every two great men; there is one revolutionary woman out changing the world. P.J. Harvey is one. P.J. Harvey happens to be one of my favorite women singers. Strength, poise and ground-breaking. Her music has probably influenced many other girls and women, including me, to be more. Similarly to this quote I was brought up being exposed to the music of many great men. It’s her admiration of Dylan’s cool that catches my fancy on this quote. And her admittance to making these mistakes in an attempt to imitate that composure. This makes it relatable. Often women feel as though we are these out of control train wrecks, when we are not. All situations that you are ‘in’ are capable of being controlled. But not how you might think. Dylan wasn’t truly controlling the situation. He was in control of himself during the interview. Needless to say everyone will fall flat on their face from time to time. If you’re lucky only a few more times. Don’t stop getting back up. Even if you break a heel. M.

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