Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get Ready.

Jump - Madonna

Sometimes the only thing you can do is JUMP. JUMPING is the hard part. The falling is easy. Life requires a leap of faith. Things may get broken on landing. Staying put is never the answer. Shake things up a bit. 

Will have two new this week. Possibly a '300' or '400' in the mix too. And I have one piece that will possibly never see the light of day unless it's published. It's been on paper since December. It survived the crash! It's the missing link from FEB. Setting the bar higher for myself though. Promise something big to myself if I get published. Y'all will like that surprise too! Also, my friends and family are pushing me to write the book. Ready? Yeah. I've got a lot of it in my head already. Just need to get it out.  Well problem is, guys I need to get away from here to write it. Change of scenery. Had a few suggestions too. Lately I've been trying to get design work. Getting a lot of rejection too, but can't give up. I'm in a position to attempt to do this and must keep trying. M.

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