Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This Game of Murder.


Just found the most amazing site ever! For moi at least. See I just adore the old cover art on books and movie posters and this site is like, well it's like heaven! I happened to stay up brainstorming last night and listening to my IPOD so I am happy to say there's some new story ideas. There are two that I'm very eager to begin on immediately. One will probably be up by next week the other... Maybe not until next month? Playing that one by ear. Hint: It takes place in a ring. I think? Still working out the kinks. But it would be interesting if it did not? It isn't the circus, but there is a circus-themed one somewhere that I've not gotten around to...

kisses. m.

PS: *boxing - Shhh! (not modern)

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