Thursday, October 8, 2009

Doll Parts.

Doll Parts.

Pink plastic hoop earrings. Tiny silver metal clasps fashioned to look like ribbons. Oodles of bubble shaped beads that make up a plastic chain now covered with fresh crimson are spread across the glass table top. The surface has a coating of thick red filled with an excess of tacky costume jewelry. This one she liked pink. Dressed up like a bubble gum princess, head to toe it was her signature color. Right down to the electric pink nail polish that adorned both fingers and toes. At least this one would make a pretty pink addition to my collection. One might call me a collector of sorts. Actually I’d say a fine connoisseur. As even the most beautiful woman in the world is just a sum of her parts. Pretty face doesn’t necessarily mean she has gorgeous legs. To be quite particular, nice thighs won’t lead to impeccable calves either. Feet and hands are a completely different level of hunt entirely.

It wasn’t always this way. It started with my fiancĂ©. Refused me. Foolish, headstrong woman doubted my intentions. I swore I wouldn’t live without her. Although it broke my heart to see her go, I let go… until something snapped. It was a matter of months before the insanity of it all set it in. Heartless creature hadn’t skipped a beat; moved onto another poor schmuck. That unlucky bastard would find himself ripped to shreds eventually; heart broken. So it hits me, she wasn’t entirely the best catch. Merely a sum of her parts. Pieces that I loved, adored and worshipped. The tiny little lines on the back of her knees that led to folds in her thighs I would trace with my fingertips, which always manifested in giggles. Small of her neck had the softest flesh and I enjoyed kissing it. This insatiable urge became clear at that moment. I couldn’t live without her… pieces.

Tonight. My pink princess has the most exquisite elbows capped off by these radiate shoulders. Even her neckline has the symmetry of a Grecian goddess. Perhaps I would be keeping more of this one. Bone saw makes quick work of removing the unnecessary pieces. Tedious tidbits of pure boring; those same bee-stung lips as the others, fake eyelashes topped off with colored contacts lenses, push-up bra padded to the max hiding miniscule breasts. Yawn. Same insecurities. Each and every one of my dolls for the past year has been mentally flawed. Be yourself. True fact. Focus on the positive. Well those parts that need it.

The fiancĂ©. She really had it coming. It was that ego of hers. All to blame. How? She just didn’t understand. She wasn’t a perfect package. Why hadn’t I seen it before? Sadly I did try to explain. Took her to dinner. Her assumption: I was still in love with her. She was right. Partly right anyhow. The walk back to the car was dark and we were completely alone, so I sprung it. The question? Hell no. My oversized hunting knife. Took off her head in one fell swoop. The look of shock graced her face. Why didn’t she scream? Eyes blink a few more times before she’s gone. Get to work. Sharp blade cuts quickly. Move hurriedly and gather up the pieces in my black plastic bag. Just lucky for me I guess that no one came along.

Princess would make a nice addition. Torsos, perhaps? Large pieces would be a change. Not likely though. Although I can’t help admire the perfection in her upper body. Truly I’ve stumbled upon a mysterious creature. This doll is less broken and more inanely delicate than the others, yet I can not stop myself from destroying the whole package. My collection is nearing completion. Another doll, another night? Not likely. The night is young and I’m feeling so alive. Pink lady has invigorated me with her beauty and I’m certain I can continue my hunt for supreme perfection another few hours tonight. Just another doll to add to the assortment. One more is all I need.


Pink nail polish. One of the little things that started this. Anyhow it's just another story. Enjoy? m.

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