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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shuffle Mix: Open your own eyes (Songs not for the Magician) - Beyonce, The xx and Bjork

Some songs sing themselves into your head, some songs inspire you to create, while others simply remind you of someone you haven't seen in a while... (most definitely not the people you want to go away)

**In no way are the songs on this playlist (or any playlist on my blog) about inauthentic magicians, photographers, musicians, their friends, the people that work for them or their fans who don't know when to piss off. Get a clue already! Start thinking less and live more already because you really don't get it and you never will.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shuffle Mix: The Shins, Interpol and Haim

All designers and artists crank up the tunes whenever they are working and it doesn't make them looney! Music has been known to cure all kinds of ailments. Some people have a fabulous song of the day that defines them and others make an entire playlist to map out their fun times. Which one are you dolls? Well I'm a little of both until or if I decide on a single song of the day which can alternately become my song of the week! 

Enjoy some tunes from my own personal shuffle mix! Leave a comment with what you're playing today!

Kisses, m.