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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Girls Night Out

Every lady needs a little down time without her fella and a girls night out always does the trick! Rain or Shine it should happen! 

Who better to give advice about getting out with your girls than Beyonce herself! She does it in class with a vintage Rolls Royce and all her girls. I bet there's no accidents with anyone involved! 

Here's a new 300, that didn't fit with the concept SMOKE but definitely seems to work out here!

SMOKE is out today! Will you buy a copy? 

Do you take a ladies night away from your man? Have you seen this video before?

Barbie does whether or not she's involved with a regular Ken. And loves this song!

Kisses, m.

On The Town

It’s ladies night and like the song says I’m feeling so right. I’m excited. It’s my turn to call up the ladies to get everyone together. It’s been months since we’ve all made appearance out as a team.

The great things in life that make it so hard to reconnect with your friends and have a little fun.

Calling around, I make the arrangements with the ladies before the driver of the rented Rolls Royce greets me a front door pickup. Talia will be on 42nd with Desy around the corner and Flora two blocks before we reach the club. It’s all giggles and hello’s when we get into the car. One by one the excited increases as we greet the next girl. One more stop and the fun can begin.

The driver rolls up the partition to grants us our private time for girl talk. Which on a night out involves all those things you are trying to get away from.
We light the cigars and start popping open the champagne we start the gossip and chaos that’s louder than the thunder threatening to storm outside. Final stop, the driver picks up the male entertainment. Forget the bubbly, popping buttons starts happening.

Almost a handful of ladies and bad weather outdoors makes for a bad night but a couple of gentlemen can change that. Three sips in Talia has her hands in the pants of the one named Tony to help him remove the unwanted clothes. Tony starts dancing and planting kisses on Desy's neck when I'm think that Flora might need a little help to handle the other named Cam. I'm hoping this one won't disappoint because the other ladies look like they having fun. Letting my mouth wander I let Flora have his kiss. I just want this to be one night of fun. 

Some towels and a whole lot of sweaty fun later we at long last find our timing to be right for an entrance at the club. Only, there's bad weather shouldn't be happening. As the car door opens we’re greeted by a humid heat wave that threatens our hair while that thundering storm is still threatening to downpour on our clothes. 

Smile, laugh and look fierce.
Make our way to the club.
There’ s nothing like a little rain.
And a wild interlude in the Rolls Between Girls. 

With a Girls Night Out. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shuffle Mix: Open your own eyes (Songs not for the Magician) - Beyonce, The xx and Bjork

Some songs sing themselves into your head, some songs inspire you to create, while others simply remind you of someone you haven't seen in a while... (most definitely not the people you want to go away)

**In no way are the songs on this playlist (or any playlist on my blog) about inauthentic magicians, photographers, musicians, their friends, the people that work for them or their fans who don't know when to piss off. Get a clue already! Start thinking less and live more already because you really don't get it and you never will.