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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Style Icon: Richard Avedon

Avedon's work in fashion photography took him to legendary heights and made him infamous in design and fashion around the world and ultimately cemented his reputation as a sought after artist. Many of his iconic photos depict some of the most recognizable faces in history; models, actresses and actors, politicians, writers and artists. Almost always he captured a realer more authentic version of each person stripped of the branding society has come to know them for, creating a truer representation of their emotions and relatable expressions.

Style Icon: Richard Avedon 






Are you a fan of Avedon's work?
Kisses, m.

Friday, June 16, 2017



Waiting is an interesting thing. To most people we expect things on command because automation has limited our patience. Sometimes waiting is quite difficult but pleasurable because knowing the gratifying outcome is delayed and completely out of our control. Patience is a virtue, dolls and kens. Here's a new older 300 from Hair.

Do you enjoy making people wait? Or do you enjoy waiting? 

Kisses, m.



“Flip your hair back,” he says with a smirk and a few winks of his right eye, “it’ll be our little secret.”


“Will it now?” I give him the slightest hint of resistance before tilting my head forward and flipping back my long dark brown locks. There’s nothing quite as pleasurable as seeing the look of satisfaction on his face when he takes command of things


“Now what?” I press for further instructions. 


“Don’t speak unless I tell you to or I’ll make sure you can’t.” he waves the silk scarf to remind me what happens when I misbehave. Without a further word he sits there and thinks. Looking me up and down he pauses then motions me to flip my hair again. Complying with his wishes I flip my hair and follow up with a twirl of my head. It’s enough to get him to respond. “Don’t improvise or you’ll be punished.”


Before I can say a thing he quickly races to my side and clamps a hand across my mouth forcing my syllables to sound like a moan. “hmmmphmmm.”


Shhh. That smart mouth will get you a longer wait. Honestly, love do you want to wait any longer?” his question is hurtful because he knows I hate waiting but I will. 


Shaking my head to indicate a “no” within the firm grip of his hands, I submit. His hands loosen their hold on my mouth and run across my jaw to lift my mouth to his for a kiss. Tasting his kiss, I kiss him back instinctively. He stops and pulls back to look me in the eyes. The scolding is silent but speaks volumes as he leans in kissing me more forcefully and smearing my lipstick before stopping. Walking away and turning, he commands…


“Flip your hair!”


Photo Credit: Richard Avedon

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Time Travel with Andy Warhol: Epic Blow

Last Night: Epic Blow.

Took the Time Machine to see Andy Warhol at The Factory. 

Andy Warhol decides we need to see Richard Avedon because he is having an epic photo shoot. As we arrive the model is mid action with her hair blown. 

Jump to a few cocktails & hours later: I'm sipping a champagne cocktail and I muse to Andy how fabulous it would be to have all that hair to play with.

Andy then muses very loudly to Richard: When you're done... Would you mind doing us next? Moni and I would love to get blown tonight!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dream Architecture: Cameras

Richard Avedon with his amazing 4x5

Barbie loves shooting with her camera and knows that although Ken is a modest type he is known to take a pretty amazing picture too! What happens when you or your favorite camera friendly dolls and Kens can't leave the lens behind? Well you build a camera to live or work in!

Dream Architecture: Cameras

The Big Camera – Perth, Australia

Picture Perfect Nail Salon – Marion, NC, USA

 Giant Camera – Point Lobos, CA, USA

Camera-Shaped House – Pontypridd, Wales, UK

Dreamy Camera Cafe – Yangpyeong-gun, South Korea

Instamatic Camera House – Biddeford Pool, ME, USA

Well dolls and kens would you be inspired to live in a camera house?

Barbie thinks you would!

Enjoy! Kisses, m.