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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hold On

Can’t let go of what you never had... the only thing you have to hold on to in this life is yourself. Love yourself and you will always have love.

In Buddhism... to love isn’t about owning someone or making them yours. Love is accepting that someone will choose to walk alongside you because they share goals and they accept you as you are, flaws included. 

Making your life and living space beautiful is an extension of that love. You can have an exquisite dreamhouse but if you don’t love living in it, why would anyone else? Think of yourself, your vessel as a Dreamhouse and pour all the amazing love, energy, devotion and attention into taking care of it and building it up. When you find you love it, you’ll realize that you won’t allow others to harm it, including yourself. And you’ll want to share it with someone who values & cares for it as much as you do.

Kisses, m.

Sunday, June 25, 2017



Honestly everything is in balance... For all that we are there is all that we are not.

I'm wrong quite often. I may not know what's the right way to do things or proceed all the time. Don't judge me for my guise of confidence because I'm hiding my inexperience & vulnerability. It's how I cope, I'm human and embrace my mistakes and try to make right by others on my journey.

I don't deliberately hurt people. I find that is in bad taste to compete, slander or behave cruelly when I don't get my way. Not getting your way is a good thing sometimes. 

I'm not perfect but I no longer feel the need to get even and then intentionally hurt people because I think they wronged me... That's disrespectful to myself and others. 

I love myself and respect others so I do my best to apologize when I'm wrong and let it go when people are intentionally unkind. Karma will right the wrongs of others. Not me. 

Life is too beautiful and the journey too short to waste on such pettiness.

Love yourself more.