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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Byrds on the beach

Some byrds go to the beach looking for a good time... And even in the 1950s behind the scenes life meant you worked on your tan not chased after men. 

Here's one about a following your heart and letting it all come together someday... Instead of being a Byrd following a man for his attention?

Kisses, m.



“And they lived happily ever after… Someday.


“Yes my love.”

“Mommy, when will I live happily ever after?”

“Honey, it’s a story.”

“Mommy! You said someday.”

“We talked about this the last time I told that story.”

“Then tell me like you did last time. Tell me about my someday.”

“Alright my little lamb. What do you want to hear about your someday?”

“Mommy, tell me… Will I meet a prince someday?”
“Of course my darling you will. But he probably won't look like a storybook prince when you meet him.”

“Then what will he look like?”

“He’ll be exactly what you’re looking for when you meet him. Handsome. Charming. It simply won’t matter that he isn't from a storybook.”

“Oh Mommy, you’re silly. Tell me will he be rich?”

“Rich! Where do you get these things?”

“Grampy says I can’t runaway and marry a man without any money or he’ll be a bum.”

“I see. I’ll have to talk with Grampy about this. Honey, your prince someday, the one who isn’t exactly a prince, will be rich in ways that money can’t compare.”

“Ooh, he sounds dreamy. Mommy, tell me more.”

“Well, someday before you meet your prince…”


“Are you going to let me finish?”


“Before you meet your prince there are things you will do. You will finish school then become a fabulously amazing woman with the ability to make your own money. You will take care of yourself instead of worrying about those bums that Grampy tells you about. You will be beautiful, strong and more capable than any princess in a story and live happily ever after someday. And...”


“Once you’ve done those things you will meet your prince. But remember…”

“Remember what?”

“It’s only a story. Someday is up to you.”


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Appreciating New

"You are living an authentic life when you Live Everyday Appreciating People Significantly and By Opening Up New Doors Sometimes."