Friday, October 11, 2019

The Focus House by Bere Architects

When you focus on your needs first then help others, your life flourishes. Try working on improving yourself before focusing to help or dictate to others what they ought to be doing or changing. You can’t help someone else that is failing, if you’re failing too. Chances are, your need to fix others & project what you feel onto them is a means to distract yourself from negative issues within yourself that you wish to avoid focusing. Having material wealth, love and etc. doesn’t equal that you do not have issues... you will have negative issues until you focus within to resolve them. Love yourself. Here’s a dream house to focus on... 

The Focus House by Bere Architects 

The Focus House is quite unique house in that it is sandwiched between a couple of Victorian houses.  The view of the home makes it appear too thin for comfort, but in reality, it’s a wedge shaped design that widens toward the back.   The house design further contrasts with the surrounding homes with grey zinc cladding vs the typical brick exteriors. 

Would you focus on this dreamhouse?
Barbie would!
Kisses, m.

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