Friday, October 4, 2019

The Do House by Architecture W

Barbie thinks that the only thing you have to Do is listen to yourself and what you want in order to live your life. It does help not to listen to anyone that tells you Don’t aspire for things. Especially if a person telling you has success, love, cars and homes because it is even more pathetic for that kind of trash person to shut down your desires and dreams for your life. So go DO: Live, love, desire and dream... aspire for things that make you plan a future. Just ultimately listen to your heart, gut or instincts instead of anyone telling you what you want. You know what you want, go get it. Here’s a dreamhouse that says Do!

The Do House by Architecture W 

The architects goal was to design a home that aesthetically compliments the location naturally and uniquely. Located in the Pacific Northwest the home is an unassuming box wrapped in Portland lap siding. The interior plan is centered around a staircase core that is accented with continuous railing. One side of the home provides the entrance - the other interlocking side the home boasts an impressive view the Cascade Mountains. A modern color pallet of white paired with the walnut continues throughout the home to play up the the house’s  interaction between the interior design and exterior landscape.

Do you think you would live in this dreamhouse? 

Barbie would!


Kisses, m.

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