Thursday, October 31, 2019

Big & Small House by Anonymous Architects

Barbie thinks everyone is capable of doing the right thing, no matter if it’s big or small. No kind gesture is truly wasted or anonymous in thus world. You don’t have to brag on kindness. It spreads itself.. However, if you go around criticizing others for their own good, you are not doing a kindness. You are doing them and yourself a disservice, by carrying yourself in a position where you think you are above others and criticizing, you are no better than they are. Expect what you give to others in return. People will match your criticizing with hostility and meanness because you are essentially giving that to them when it’s unsolicited criticism. Try kindness with others and you’ll always go farther. Here’s a dreamhouse that is dressed up as a small thing but is actually a big thing...

Big & Small House by Anonymous Architects 

At first glance, the home looks to be no larger than a garage; however the interior of the home reveals itself to be quite large, which is where its quirky name come from.

Would you love this Big & Small space?

Barbie would
Kisses, m.

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