Friday, September 14, 2018


Everyone and everything affects each other... don’t listen to people who solely blame you or solely blame others in this life. Who you are and what you do affects where you lead but those you interact with and their actions or lack of actions affect your path as well. Love yourself enough to focus on you instead of where others paths are leading when it’s not alongside yours. Love is about flexibility and fun... compromise isn’t the same as sacrificing who you are to be in a relationship. Trust that other people know what’s best for themselves & focus on you.

Here’s one about nothing really... from Immersed 

Do you tell everyone everything and expect them to do as you wish? Try letting people lead themselves a little more. They’re quite capable. ;)

Kisses, m.




Fuck your feelings.” He says coyly with a smirk and leans back in the shower. 


“I’d rather you were fucking me.” I fidget with the cheap robe that the Four Seasons provided in the suite. Another time I can’t believe I caved in and I’m with a man I swore I’d never because he’s…


No good,” the almond milk is spoiled. Erica says it with a disdain that tells me she’s convinced I’ll throw it out because of her smell test which is rarely ever in agreement with the date on the package. 


“It’s fine.  Don’t use it.” I tell her and move back to the poetry of writing my paper.


“It’s exasperating when you force yourself to do things you don’t want to.” My sister echoes with her own brand of self punishment as she pours the milk into her coffee. 


Oh I want to,” I scream out loud as I press him up against the shower wall letting the water spill over us. When I know I should be forcing myself to stop I don’t, because it feels good. I don’t feel bad in spite of how we really are with each other. 


“Of course you want to,” he says and pulls me against him. The water splashing against my back feels incredible as his lips find their way across my skin. Our breathing sounds mingle with echoes of water spilling down the drain to fill the silence.


Silently drinking her coffee, Erica slowly pours what remains of the almond milk down the drain. Knowing she wants a response, I ignore her. Loudly she insists “I’m saving you from hurting yourself.” 


“Of course you are.” 


When he knows I’m aching for more he says it, “Saving the best for last. Waiting hurts, doesn’t it?”


“Of course it does.”

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