Tuesday, August 15, 2017

I Will...

I will tell you to
Get up in the morning
And face the world.

I will tell you to be strong
And fight, keep going.

I will tell you everything
Will be okay.

I will push you, inspire
You, motivate you, and
Encourage you to be more.

I will not stop.
I will continue.

You are so much more.
You can be anything,
All you have to do is believe. 

But it is a shame,
How we know what is good
For others,
But don't know what's good
For ourselves.

Listen to yourself,
And listen often.
Doing so will be
the kind of thing that will
Save you.

Save you from killing yourself
Or killing someone.

Listen to yourself.
You know yourself better.
Don't let the voice inside
of you get away.

~ R.M. Drake

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