Monday, July 3, 2017

Live Your Life

life requires a bit of effort, you get what you put into it. laugh when your happy, frown when your sad, dont be afraid to let the teardrops fall, soak it all in, dance to the beat of your heart.

when love knocks on your door, let it in.. dont be afraid to take a risk, cherish your friends, theres a reason they are there. 

play in the rain & swim in the ocean, accept that your heart will get broken, once.. twice, or a 1000 times and you will love again.

sing in the shower and dance in the mirror, roll the windows down and let the wind blow your hair, makes mistakes, dont regret them. 

realize there is no such thing as MR RIGHT or MS RIGHT, but if someone loves you, let them. They wont be a knight in shining armor, or a princess to be rescued, he/she wont sweep you off your feet, but they will catch you when you fall.. they're not supposed to make you happy, they're supposed to make you happier.. find happiness in yourself. its there if you look for it. 

Take lots of pictures with lots of goofy faces, eat popsicles & read the jokes on the stick. LIVE YOUR LIFE to make you smile and to make it worth while, cherish the moments you have because one day it'll be GONE.

~ unknown 

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