Friday, June 9, 2017



A little rain never hurts anyone but disrespect does. A woman should always be respected with or without her clothing on. Especially when other women ought to know better and of course it sets the tone to men. You know... There's everything right about a man that celebrates a woman's right to be an intelligent sexual being & also an unstoppable force filled with inner and outer beauty. Here's a new one from that Aquatic series of mine.

Do you celebrate & respect women?

Kisses, m.  



An early summer rain gently caresses my clothes until the thin shirt and shorts I’m wearing are sheer and hugging my skin like a glove. The waves along the coast rise and fall much quicker as the clouds grow heavy with intention. Making my way back to our small cabana on the beach, I can see him riding the waves and loving every minute of the spontaneous downpour. 


Upon entering the hut I’m stripping off my clothing and letting the warm air dry my skin. Taking a closer look I can make out his muscular body and surfboard catching a wave and fallingAs he begins swimming back out toward the next set of waves my curiosity gets the better of my mind and I imagine the look on his face when I greet him wearing absolutely nothing on but a smile. Pleased with the thought I watch him from the window letting the bamboo shade mask my presence. 


The breeze soothes my skin as the thin light of day mixed with rain drops kisses my skin. My heart is racing with anticipation as he easily glides through the surf. His command of the board and the water whipping through his hair sends shivers up my spine. Staying my ground, I watch him making his way toward the shore. The empty coastline welcomes him home as he stows his board.Stripping bare his suit down to the flesh, he lets the rain wash the saltwater from his skin. Pushing his head up to the heavens he takes a drink of the warm rain and lowers his eyes to match mine. With a flick of my wrist I pull the front shades and give him a tease. With a smirk and a wink, he makes his way up to the Cabana. 



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