Saturday, June 10, 2017



Sometimes it's doing & enjoying the fun little things in life that makes it worth living... here's another one from that acqua series. 


Kisses, m.


The bubbles fill the air and cover nothing and everything of my skin as he steps in the tub. I let my hands show him my intention as I push the bubbles aside to reveal more of my body. This brings a smile to his eyes and a flick of his tongue as he stands over me.

Pulling at his hand I beg for him to sit but he teases me by caressing my hair and leaning to kiss my head. Pouting I lean back to reveal myself more until he gives in  to my demand.

Slowly he sits down across from me and watches me and imitates my pout. Once again I'm pulling his hands to join me but he says & does nothing. Completely smitten with his game, I let go of his hands and lean back before touching his face with my foot. Instantly he presses it away and blows a mouth full of bubbles in my direction.

Matching his playfulness I splash him and watch him trying not to giggle at my silliness. Quickly I drop myself into the water. Carefully I scoot towards him letting my hands find their way up his body before letting my lips kiss his chest, neck and finally his face. Turning his head coyly he invites me the try harder. Biting his ear after I whisper, "Kiss me" sends him in a rush of pleasure. 

Taking over control he spins my body and kisses my neck, my chin and chest. Letting me know he's in charge he's stops for a moment to look in my eyes. Again I beg him, "kiss me" and he smiles. Without further hesitation he wraps his arms around me and kisses me deeply amid the bubbles.

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