Saturday, May 27, 2017


Do you realize that not everyone loves the hot weather? Some love the cold weather. Others want it somewhere in between. Imagine if everyone liked it one way or the other. It would get crowded. It's a good thing some people have a preference for one or the other. So what's it mean? Whatever you're going through at the moment it isn't permanent. Hot gets cold and cold gets hot. Sometimes you have to realize that everything changes including people. 

For right now... Ms. M is enjoying all the warm weather, minimal sun bathing and has been happily returning to herself. You see I took a break from a lot of things because sometimes life losses & love affairs drain our essence and we lose ourselves...  I stepped back from my buddhist steps because my heart & body had been hurt externally so badly that I closed off and it took a great deal of practice and meditation to open up and clear my energy again. But once I opened my heart & chakras to receive compassion my life was once again transformed. In the last few months I can not even begin to express the things the universe has revealed because I am open to receive them. As I have stressed I am not fully enlightened, and may never be, so I have moments of sitting with my feelings until they pass. However, I persevere because I find that I am full within more and more everyday. I find myself giving more selflessly without expectations knowing that I have plenty of love & compassion within myself and no longer seek it externally. I have enough love and do not make demands of others for it. My favorite part is that now I am able to give my compassion to all I choose to without hesitation again. For all of you, I wish for you happiness, peace of mind, the ability to see beauty in life, reach enlightenment... and most of all I hope you're ready for Summertime because this doll is! 

Here's one from the original 300 series, if you've never read it before... do enjoy! 

Do you like the heat? 

PS: There's nothing inappropriate about nudity or that makes a man or woman a tramp for being nude... it's the thoughts  & hangups you're bringing with you that make it dirty. 

Kisses, m. 


HOT. Whooo! The temperature is just boiling, isn’t it? The kind of sizzling that leaves your eyes dry, itching and watering until they’re blood shot red. Uh-hmm. Enough to make your skin crawl. How about you? No Air Conditioning. Me either. But you live upstairs don’t you? Oh you poor dear man. This heat is something fierce. Bet you can’t stand it up there. Even living on the ground is unbearable. Most of the time I want to simply strip down to my birthday suit and walk around the apartment sucking on a piece of ice. My goodness, all that sweat is covering your face and dripping down your neck.  Here, take my hanky to wipe off a little. OH! Don’t worry. You can’t help that it’s hotter than an oven out.  Wow. There goes the power. This happens whenever it gets too warm. Guess we ought to stay outdoors talk a little more. Seems very neighborly and it’s too hot to sleep.  Oh no, by all means go ahead and take off your jacket. Shedding layers of clothing never hurts. You don’t mind if I… Do ya? Ahh! That’s better. Can you believe it? The radio says it’s gonna last like this all weekend. Makes me want to head out for a midnight swim.  You know skinny dipping when the lights go out and no one is watching. A girl has to have fun and the water soothes away the heat.  Ever go for a swim? And let the cool water gently caress your warm bare skin beneath the moonlight. I do almost every time the thermostat jumps like this. You should try it sometime. OH! There you go… drenched again.  What we need is some iced tea. How about I get that and a wet towel for you?

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