Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Minimalist House by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Less is the most! Barbie loves the very minimal and simplicity in the design of dreamhouses. And she can't help but get impatient to share when she finds a dreamhouse she adores!   

Minimalist House by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates


Minimalist house is a home in Okinawa, Japan built and laid out using a simple grid system. The space is divided in to three living quarters: one-third dedicated to a courtyard, another is reserved for the bedroom, living, and dining area and the last third contains the study room, powder room, kitchen and entrance. Each third is arranged out in a single line to make use of the long and narrow plot. The intent of the design and layout is to minimize the division of space and create a flexible yet minimal space.










Would you get excited over this minimalistic home? 

Barbie hopes you do too!
Kisses, m.

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