Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Compartment House by Ario Danar

Barbie sees that her favorite Ken is head over heels smitten with a new paramour and she can't help but swoon at all the attention he's been doting on her. While she's had her own potential romance fizzle out in the last couple months she adores & loves to see his happiness. Soon enough there'll be another romance but for now this doll finds its best to compartmentalize her time with her other passions. There's nothing like a dream house to compartmentalize efficiently. 

The Compartment House by Ario Danar

The design is the result of the architect merging two houses together. Located in South Jakarta, Indonesia, the original design was the renovation of a single house but was further extended after the owners bought the site to behind the existing home.

The home utilizing an open courtyard already further extended through with this space to create as a buffer between the original and extended sections of the home. The courtyards act as inter-spaced areas to split the difference and create a compartment feeling of openness. Within the courtyards there are frangipani trees that break the line of sight within for more privacy and add to the atmosphere of the home.

Would you love to compartmentalize your life in this dream home? 

Barbie would!
Kisses, m.

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