Friday, April 8, 2016

Wind Vault House by Wallflower Architecture & Design

Barbie adores the wind and loves to be like the wind. Since she also adores all her favorite dolls and Kens and respects their privacy above all else, (and yes she loves to see the love and she couldn't miss the pictures of perhaps a rekindling love...), she will never overstep or interfere in anyone's life unless personally invited to do so. Much like the wind she prefers to let things flow on.

Here's a dream house for letting winds pass through...  

Wind Vault House by Wallflower Architecture & Design

The architect wanted to push boundaries with the form of the house while also taking other factors into consideration like proximity to neighbors, the path of the sun and prevailing winds. Conceptually the home is a concrete tube orientated  with ends north-south. This allows southern winds to flow through the home for passive cooling & encourages east west heat gain through its construction. The home also features privacy filters & glare & solar heat reduction.

Would you let the air flow through this house? 

Barbie would!
Kisses, m.

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