Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Healing Architecture: ParkPraxis by x architekten

Barbie knows that everyone is capable of self healing but she doesn't advocate they go out and break something to make a point. Being authentic means trusting the journey to heal & mend broken hearts, bones and make up for the broken promises in all due time. But why not enjoy some architecture that inspires the mind, heart & body to heal!

Healing Architecture: ParkPraxis by x architekten

Austrian based medical clinic ParkPraxis is a unique design that provides a welcoming environment with a warm interior design scheme. The stainless steel exterior intends to reflect the green surroundings unifying nature with architecture. The medical clinic also houses an in-house pharmacy in addition to its welcoming design. The design seeks to provide a patients a comfortable  place to heal. The core of the building is a central glass patio with a tree in the middle. This grounds patients close to nature and reminds them of its healing power. The enclosure is surrounded by offices, laboratories and waiting spaces. Natural light and bright colors accent this design.

Would you love to heal in this fabulous space?
Barbie would and she hopes you would too!
Kisses, m.

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