Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Broken Home by KWK Promes

Barbie knows that things get broken... Promises, glass and bones. And as such you can spend your days struggling to get up and cry about it or find a way to make it work! If you know anything about this doll, then you know she's gonna make it work for her! Why not! Sometimes when it seems like nothing can be done it's exactly the best place to start to build a dreamhouse!

Broken House by KWK Promes 

Resting at the edge of the forest near Katowice, Poland, sits an lovely dreamhouse. Although the locale may seem to be unusual for a home due to land deterioratation, 4th category mining damage where tectonic faults may occur.  

Finding inspiration from the abstracted impression of the shifting uplifted geological layers the design of this 3,500 square meter home is comprised of a ribbon-like structure that interweaves through rectangular solids. This unique feature creates results a long ramp & sloping surface that eliminate stoops and its outer edges straight and smooth. 

Could you find balance in this dreamhouse?  

Barbie could!
Kisses, m.

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