Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Beech House in Toronto by Altius Architecture

Dreamhouses and dreams in life dont require a lot of thought! Barbie believes that all her favorite Kens and dolls are capable of making their own decisions about what to invite in their lives including what to share with her! 

In fact when Barbie occasionally catches up with one her favorite Kens she still extends the understanding that he only shares what he's comfortable with her and waits to be invited into his space. She doesn't pry and insists that there's no need to lie to her about anything because it's ok to keep things to himself & he continues extend the same respect to her life.

Dream houses don't reveal everything until you've lived with them for a bit. People in our lives should be no different! Life's good and there's no need to be a prisoner to your thinking. Keep it simple, beautiful and beachy like your dream houses!

The Beech House in Toronto by Altius Architecture 

Beautifully designed, the architects maintained a sense of simplicity while mainintaing contemporary use for the interior space. 

Would you let your thoughts free in this Dreamhouse?

Barbie would & hopes you would too!
Kisses, m. 

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