Tuesday, June 9, 2015

PAS Skate House by Air Architecture

Barbie doesn't skate but she loves to skate through life... Ha! And despite the personal competitiveness & insecurity of other dolls & dudes she continues to persevere doing what she loves while still supporting & wishing her favorite Ken well in all his endeavors. No matter if his plans include her. Although she does get to missing him, Barbie adores and appreciates when Ken can make time for her and highly respects his privacy in his love affairs, romantic & personal life. But all that devotion to your latest paramour is hard to miss. ;)

Since there's no better place to skate through life than in the creature comforts of a dreamhouse... Here's one to skate in!

PAS Skate House by Air Architecture 

“The PAS Skate House is one home where no one will ever be chastised for riding around on their skateboard. In fact, grinding, kick flips, and ollies will be highly encouraged. Francois Perrin of Air Architecture and Gil Lebon Delapointe designed the PAS House for his client, skating champion, Etnies founder and eco meanswear designer, Pierre Andre Senizergues, so that every surface is skateable or grindable. When the Malibu home is completed, you'll be able to skate in one continuous line from the inside to the outside. In preparation for the tubular home, Perrin built a full-scale prototype of the living room to test the theories, and if you've ever followed the work of Pierre Andre Senizergues, you'll know that sustainability is also at the core of both the model and the final home.” 
- inhabitant

Would you enjoy skating through this dreamhouse?

Barbie would!

Kisses, m.

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