Thursday, April 23, 2015

M o o d

I get tired of writing about myself... Do you? I'll say all of the fiction is not necessarily me. The writing is and isn't me. Needless to say it's not the best way to understand me. Here's an excerpt from the book... It's just an excerpt from Alton, and she's definitely a fun character to write.

Kisses, m.

M o o d

“Ever wake up and realize ‘I'm never going to meet the right guy and want to be with a girl...”

Prattles on Shelly while I start to rebutton my blouse. Thwarting my attempts to dress she shuts up long enough to disappear between my legs again. Alex is late and I'm tired of flight attendants and losing my mood. I should have flown first class and made Wayne come to me. Not that she hasn't been ever so much fun to play with and keep me company in this overpriced suite looking out on overpriced Manhattan. Just as I think about Alex being late again I realize those cherry lips are about to make me...

“Come to Papa!” Yells Alex as I open the door.
“You're not my Daddy.”
“Clearly Alton, cause it smells like a fucking porno in here.”
“Full service Flight... Attendant.”
“Prime Rib or Pulled Pork.”
“Salmon. There were no men so I improvised. She was quite entertaining.”
“I'll say, you're positively glowing.”
“Want a whirl?”
“Is that like a twirl?”
“It's whatever you want.”
“Actually I am...”
“Wondering if I'll have a little fun with you?”
“Able to resist?”
“In the mood.”


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