Friday, November 7, 2014

Look of Love

Just one look I'm told can make you fall in love with someone... I don't think that's how it works. I do think that after you know someone it changes how you see them. You see them with love. When you love someone you see imperfect perfectly.

Here's a new or old one. I'm not saying when they were written or how they'll be used right now. I write and photograph daily so it could be from anytime. 

Anyhow... A look or to look with love?

Kisses, m.


A look.
Those eyes. 
Staring into them. 
I can't help but want more.
Standing in front of me 
But I want to reach out
For more.

Hungry for them.
My heart is starving.
When they're gone too long.
Looking into anyone's but mine,
I'm hit by a wave of
Helpless envy.

When he looks toward me 
I'm ever so still outside.
Breaking apart inside. 
Because his stare is relentless.
Never breaking away.
My heart is alive.

I'm found at home within his eyes.
Peace I've never had
Lies within a connection.
Breaking apart the chaos I've always known. 
A sense of belonging 
All rests within a look leaves me 
Ever so content.

Looking deep down into my eyes
There's a sense of unknown
Behind the calm of his gaze.
Breathing in and out a conversation
Exists with our stare.

Carefully he reaches up. 
With a free hand
He pulls my face closer.
Locking his eyes with mine
Until we're close enough to
Share the same breath.

The simple movement sends 
My hair unraveling
He brushes away my tumbling hair
Before it hides my eyes.

A smile crosses his face. 
He knows I'm aching for more
And pulls his head down

Seconds seem like hours 
Absent from our shared moment
Once he breaks away.

Touched by his hands but lost.
Homesick for eyes that can center mine.
Missing electricity
Yet he's standing before me.

Slowly his smile fades. 
The crease of his face softens.
I know the pains of hunger have
Hit within him.

Tighter his hands hold me.
He grips at the small of my back
With one hand.
While the other hand pulls my neck.
Bringing me closer.

Leaning in
My eyes hunt for his.
Open ready to feed on  
Those Eyes.


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