Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I think when you are friends with someone or in love with someone you want the best for them. Whether they are lovers, almost lovers, guys friends or gal friends you know and you hope they want the best for you. Because you also want what's best for yourself. 

For the most part you do your best not to interfere in your friends/people you love/care for personal business unless they share it with you. Or until it affects your personal business. For me personally I will do everything to resist being dragged inbetween an intimate moment a squabble a breakup or differences. Especially when it creates tension & residual negative energy in my life. No matter how much I love or adore the person I cannot allow it. I respect myself. I will not to watch anyone be disrespected.

While I'm grateful and humbled to have such amazing, beautiful and talented people to cross my path and end up in my life as friends or people I love/care for, I don't appreciate problems. I appreciate your presence but if you appreciate me you will please refrain from allowing me to be in the middle of she said/he said issues because as you can see I will remove myself from the situation every time. Intimacy issues shouldn't be public fodder. You don't need to follow me around to find out this... And I really shouldn't have to defend myself again but I will: I have dated my guy friends in the past... But I'm not dating any one of them now. Rumors are lovely but bad for your complexion. Hush. Ladies, if you're insecure about where you stand with a guy... Talk to him. Please. Don't start to bug the people he knows in this manner. It reflects upon you, not him.

To my other friends who are perceiving my actions directed solely toward them... I've stepped back from everyone & removed myself as an inbetween with several people. I apologize if you're upset. This is my response until I can clarify situations and set boundaries with all the people I respect, love & adore. But you don't allow others to disrespect someone you value or ever valued as a lover, almost lover, acquaintance, family member, friend or colleague. Because some of you have clearly disrespected the boundaries of others, I need to step back, resolve my feelings and get their "ok" in light of present circumstances.

Please don't take it personally to you or anyone you know... If it isn't. Please take it very seriously if it is you and your personal business. I'm very uncomfortable with being dragged into seeing/reading/hearing any intimate info meant for two people, not an audience. Love yourself & each other, lovers.

Here's a story about not interfering when you hear something that's not your business...

Do you drag people into your affairs or meddle in people's affairs?

Kisses, m.

Rattlin’ Bones

“Rattlin’ Bones,” Tommy hollers with a nod of his head.  “Can you hear ‘em?”

A shortcut through the cemetery after a night of drinking was the quickest way to get home without the good ol blue boys picking you up. Not to mention the graveyard was most often the quietest way to find yourself home in a pinch. Dead men ain’t got much to say even when there’s company in their backyard. Unlike your nosy neighbor they don’t much give a damn what you’re up to as long as it don’t interfere with their business. Cause a dead man, sure enough always has a bit of unfinished business. Don’t get me wrong, it ain’t at all as pressing as the business of living but sure enough it matters quite a bit to that dead bastard. Almost so much he might interfere with the business of your living.

Understand that a dead man hardly wants your life. He’s already had one of those. And since he’s been dead there ain’t a damn bit of good your life will do him. Not in his current condition. But he certainly won’t think twice about following you home if you disturb his peace. And unless you like waking up to a pair bones in your bed I suggest you leave that dead man alone. His sense of humor is a bit different than yours or mine.

What exactly will he do? That dead man will set up shop in your house, piss off your old lady and make a fine mess.

Don't believe me? Just ask my pal Bobby. He couldn’t help himself one night out in the graves. Dancing and whooping through the bones’ business. The following week his old lady left him. She left on account of their house being haunted and blamed him for losing her wedding ring in a bet. Bobby don’t gamble and the house wasn’t much haunted after his old lady left. Where's the lesson in that? Don’t cross a dead man. While he can’t change his fate, but damned if he don’t affect yours.

Tonight wasn’t any different from any other. Same old shortcut since we were kids. Same old Tommy had himself too many and extended himself to walking good ol’ Frankie home. You might say we were loud enough to wake the dead as we made our way across the better part of the 1800s. Somewhere near the cusp of 1882 there wasn’t anything like the sound of it.

“Rattlin’ Bones” The bones were moving about and hear them you could. Much like the coyotes cry you can sure as hell hear the bones when they rattle. There isn’t another sound much like it. I know what Tommy means by it, but there’s Frankie that ain’t been around much so he has a look of wonder about him.

“Oh my child do you know about the bones?” Not much did I ever really know when my grandmother used to ask me that question but I’m thinking it the same tonight. For what can a man know about the dead? The bones ain’t exactly like you or me. They spend their time much more leisurely than the living. Their business is theirs. Our business is ours. But unlike the living like to believe some of their business is a lot more like ours.

For instance, Love. Passion. A dead man remembers what that was like in his bones. That don’t ever truly change. And on a night much like this you can hear them dead lovers in their graves rolling like they never lost a beat.

What do the dead do in the dark? Can’t tell you personally but good ol’ Frankie found out for himself about three steps into the 1920s. With a loose piece of gravel and shift of his foot Frankie landed himself amid a dead lover’s coupling. With a scream and the sound of wallop the noisy bones fall to a dead still all around us. I’m not sure what Frankie saw but he was much paler when we reached the 1930s.

Around 1942 Frankie looks nervously at Tommy who can’t quite wipe the grin off his face. Like they didn’t miss a beat the bones’ resume their noise much louder than usual but that don’t stop Tommy from saying it again with a laugh. “Rattlin’ Bones.”

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