Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wilkinson Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz

Barbie believes that everything is connected in nature and humanity. Some choose to look to their relationships and surroundings to further understand the symbiosis of connection. And that's a great place to start looking at the world. Barbie knows it takes a great deal to maintain any ecosystem and relationships are no different. Barbie is quite generous when it comes maintaining her ecosystem and that extends to her relationships; romantic and friendships as well... 

Now beginning any relationship (romantic or friendship) is no different than planting a garden. But remember, it takes a lot of work to foster anything into something beautiful. Unfortunately many Dolls and Ken's don't get that effort and generosity starts and must continue. Flowers, Diamonds and Sweet words are lovely but flowers wilt and die, diamonds are just rocks and sweet words can be said to anyone. It's not cynicism dolls, it's just that Barbie can buy her own diamonds or collect rocks in the yard and well she has had a couple artist Kens give her painted flowers that will never die. Understand that sometimes you must give of yourself more and take care of others dearly to maintain a symbiotic relationship, romantic or friendship. You make sacrifices. 

Like? Barbie recently gave away the last one of her favorite paintings with beautiful flowers. These flowers are an irreplaceable life debt to this doll for the joy they've given her. Their beauty has never faded, they are always in bloom and have never wilted no matter the season. She did discuss that piece... a few months ago here. Why give it away? She wanted to apologize to a dear friend and extend something further to bless this person's new home and life. Again she knows the apology was not needed but the TLC of caring for someone and their feelings mattered so much to her that she could think of no better gesture. And she knows that it was the right action. How? Well, the universe has a way of showing you that you've done the right thing... Recently another of Barbie's favorite artist Kens, through the unique happenstance of giving to someone else, has made her realize he has given her and so many others, men and women, flowers that they will carry with them forever so there is no need to be sad over the loss of paint. The universe always reminds you that somehow you are never without even if you walk around never realizing what you are blessed with. Just know that giving of yourself doesn't go unnoticed by the universe and your efforts to maintain symbiosis with your life & relationships is always creating blessings in your life. Stay grateful, love everyone and you'll come to see them. 

It's best to maintain living the best way that connects and maintains the ecosystem around you. So, where to live in order to maintain healthy relationships with the ecosystem around you? In nature of course!

Wilkinson Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz

This artistic piece of architecture in the woods of Portland, Oregon translates a client's love of music into a modern home. The client wanted a home that embodied the natural energy of the ecosystem around it but capture the flow and mechanics of music as well. A symbiosis of design that brings contemporary together with nature. Allowing the main living space to rest in the canopy of the trees while the earth below remains fresh. The interior of the house connects to its exterior through the use of natural wood and curved beaming that passes through a glass wall wrapping around the living room space. ~

Would you try to maintain your ecosystem by living in this modern home? 

Barbie would and she thinks you might too!
Kisses, m. 

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