Saturday, September 27, 2014


The first time you see something isn't always the way you think or where you think... Perhaps you've seen it before for the first time elsewhere. Vertical Film Strips are kind of unique, not uncommon and absolutely stunning installed. Yes! They're pretty neat to look at and some people love to decorate their homes with prints of them! I can think of a few design clients homes I've helped acquire filmstill prints for in the past. They are beautiful! It's very exciting to see them! Here's another piece from SMOKE! Comes out next week... 

Have you ever seen vertical film print strips? Do you remember where first? 


The first time I saw her she was vertical
Head tilted back laughing while smoking a cigarette.
The lines in her mouth turned into a smile when she looked my way.

It wasn’t the first time we’d laid eyes on each other
But it was the first time I noticed how much I loved her laugh
And the imprint of her stayed with me.

Tonight, again I’m vertical.
Looking at her
As the crowd parts,
I can’t help but smile.
I’m not sure why she’s looking at a guy like me.
I don’t want her to stop.
But she does.

Turning her head.
I know what she wants.
She wants me to come to her.
So I do.
Walk over.
Find my place by her.

I try to talk to her.
Interrupt what’s she’s saying.
I think I’m always interrupting her.
She always tells me I’m not.
Blowing a puff of smoke at me
There’s a hint of nostalgia in her playfulness.

The first time she was smoking a French cigarette
Toying with it in her mouth.
Up down and around.
Making me laugh.
Asking me how I’m doing.
I just talked.
I’m sure it was fine, because she laughed and asked more.

Tonight she’s just reaching out at my arm.
A puff of smoke as she grabs at my hands.
Pulling me down.
Looking into my eyes.
Hinting for a kiss.
I don’t ever want her to stop looking so I concede a kiss.

It’s not enough and she looks away.
Every time she does my heart pulls back and into my chest.
The pressure is unbearable.
The thought of losing that look entices me to sit.
But I don’t.
I tease her with the thought of leaving.
My hands move to untangle from her grip.
She releases smoke at me without a smile.

I know this game is for keeps.
Playing to win.
If win, I get her hand.
She wins and gets mine.
Bend to her will or let go.

Finally removing her fingers from mine
Results in the pout of her lip.
A small reminder that she’s not happy with my actions,
But will proceed.

And proceed she does
With a stroke of my leg.
My hips lean forward.
A physiological impulse that reminds me
To get control.

Unprepared for the reaction of my own body
I edge back until she’s reaching for me and…


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