Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oxlade House by James Russell Architects

Barbie enjoys a great dream house flooded with balance and chic features... However she doesn't like being flooded with the past problems of others. Often a dream house has a few unique quirks including location problems. But she leaves the past and difficult kind of location sorting out to her favorite Ken to deal with. It's clearly a man's place to deal with the dramatics of his past before it floods his present and drowns Barbie. No doll wants to be flooded by dramatic issues. A man handles the drama of living instead of avoiding it or allowing it to hurt a person undeserving of its wrath. Here's a lovely house equipped to handle the dramatics of flooding with a flair for interesting to say the least!

Oxlade Drive House By James Russell Architects

The Oxlade Drive House is situated in a low lying area at the southern tip of New Farm peninsula in Brisbane. The house and courtyards are elevated slightly above natural ground to deal with flooding of the Brisbane River, flooding which occurred during its construction in 2010. The house is configured as a series of two story pavilions that run down the depth of the block, each separated by a courtyard containing landscape, gathering spaces and a pool.” ~Archdaily 

Would you enjoy a house that plans for and deals with and avoids the dramatics of a flood?

Barbie hopes so!
Kisses, m.

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