Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Love Being Yourself!


“The supermodel Claudia Schiffer was famously “discovered” while dancing at a disco in Dusseldorf. After she became one of the most famous and well-paid models in the world, young women began flocking to the same nightclub, all hoping for their own chance at celebrity. But here’s the thing about Claudia Schiffer in the German nightclub: it wasn’t about her being at the right nightclub, it was about her being Claudia Schiffer. Ideally, if there really is a person out there for everyone, they're a person who likes you, not whether you went to the right nightclub, or wore the right proportions of lipstick and eyeshadow, or put yourself out there enough (whatever that means). And hopefully, to him, you'll  be Claudia Schiffer.”

- Lilit Marcus

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